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Pitched Roof Products Roofing Services

Pitched Roof Products

  1. Roof Tiles 
  2. Roof Tile Mini Slate
  3. Roof Clay Tile
  4. Rosmary Roof Tile
  5. Fibre Cement Slates
  6. Spanish Natural Slates
  7. Welsh Blue Bangor Slates
  8. Brazilian Natural Slates
  9. Nordman Roof Sheeting

Paralon Roofing and Roofing Products

pitched roof tilesFlat Roof Products

    Paralon Built-up Roofing System

    Paralon Total Warm Roof System is a range of polymer modified waterproofing membranes, insulation boards and a vapour control layer for use on flat and pitched roofs without pedestrian access. This reliable roof waterproofing system has been around since early 1981 and has an excellent reputation for quality and durability. Paralon roofing is high quality and widely used in top roofing projects across Ireland

    Sintofoil Single Ply Roofing Systems

    Sintofoil single ply roofing waterproof systems is TPO based single ply, manufactured in Italy by the makers of Paralon roofing waterproof membranes. Sintofoil is fully compatible with bitumen and PVC and is environmentally friendly, economical and more robust than typical PVC based systems.


    1. Siduem Roof Garden System
    2. Modified Asphalt Roofing System
    3. All Liquid Brush-on Systems