Chimney Flashings

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Chimney Flashings

At O’Brien Roofing & Cladding, we offer advanced technologies like a drone inspection to identify any issues in your chimney. This, as a result, does not require workers to manually inspect the chimney, which might damage your roofing tiles especially when they are clay or slated tiles.

Unless there are some big issues with your chimney, which might be the result of a strong storm, chimney flashing is well enough for repairing chimneys.

Chimney flashing involves building a waterproof bridge around the roof structures, namely: the back, front, and both sides of the chimney. As a homeowner, you might be thinking that the entire process might create adverse effects like: cracks in the chimney; slipped or dislodged tiles; or damage around the chimney itself. 

Don’t fret. O’Brien have some of the most seasoned chimney flashing professionals who are ready to take part in the risk management process, as per your request. They will answer any questions that you might have had and offer the most viable options available to get the job done without any stress on your chimney.

We always recommend an annual checkup to keep your chimney from harm’s way. If you believe that there might be something wrong with your chimney that requires immediate attention or repairs, call us now!

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