Single Ply Roofing Systems


In your building’s structure, damp problems could be caused by faulty pipework or rainwater guttering. Pipework and guttering are responsible for creating an outlet for rainwater to get away from the building. If not serviced properly, the water will leak and make the outside wall wet. This will cause damage from within the structure of your establishment, and will damage the decoration and cause mould growth. Hence, it is imperative that you keep your building’s guttering work properly maintained.  

Here at O’Brien Roofing & Cladding, we offer the following services:

Gutter Guard Installation – We can protect your gutters from quickly filling with debris by fitting a “brush-like” gutter guard that stops leaves and moss from getting into the gutters and restricting the flow of rainwater.

Gutter and Downpipe Repairs – We carry on all kinds of pipework and guttering repair works to make sure that they function without any trouble.

Gutter Clearing – We remove debris from your building’s pipework and guttering to make sure there is no obstacle in the flow of rainwater.

Gutter and Fascia Installation – All you need is a brush-like gutter guard to prevent your building’s gutters from being congested by debris. We fit such gutter guards to stop moss and leaves infiltration into the gutters, which might affect the flow of rainwater in a negative way.

Gutter and Fascia Cleaning – This is also important to keep the fascia boards and guttering in your building neat and clean.

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