Roof Capping and edge trims

Roof Capping and edge trims

O’Brien Roofing are experts in roof capping and edge trims. Please view our gallery to see some of our recent work.

Here at O’Brien Roofing & Cladding, we offer industry standard, premium quality, unique, and cost-effective edging products which enhance the look of your flat roof by adding a professional and smart appearance. It also effectively prevents condensation and damp from getting into your roof and damaging it.

No matter whether big or small, we do all kinds of flat roof edging trims for any projects – be it commercial or residential.

We have a wide selection of edging trims to make sure your flat roof remains intact in all weather conditions and looks marvellous. Our total weatherproof roof capping and edge trims guarantee that the moisture will never leak beneath the capping or edges, and damage the flat roof installation in the process.

We relentlessly work on simplifying your roof edge to ensure that your roof trims will shield the roof membrane against running water.

Our plastic trims for roof capping and edge trims offer the following:

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