Roofing Tiling

Roofing Tiling

Roof tiles are very popular on new house builds and extensions where an 18-degree pitch can be achieved. They give off a nice look with many different moulds and colours. Here at O’Brien Roofing, we have fitted thousands of tiles on different projects around Dublin from houses to apartments to extensions to sheds tiles can look well on any building once fitted correctly.

Roof tiles are known for their sustainability, long-lasting style, and durability. Energy-saving and overall thermal performance are results of roof tiles’ natural thermal mass insulation properties.

Roof tiles are also safe even when exposed to the tank water. Also, they are available in different colours to pick from. If you are looking for a sound insulator for peace of mind, you will be glad to know that roof tiles serve that purpose too. In comparison to other regular roofing materials, roof tiles decrease noise by 30 decibels. This means you can now chill in your living area without being wary of those unwanted noises.

Roof tiles are an economically viable option, too, as they do not rust or corrode. This feature makes them suitable for installation in any harsh weather conditions. Last but not least, they are strong and durable. The production of roof tiles follows a strong strength standard.

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